Today’s Class: February 1, 2019

Today’s guest was Vannessa Ramirez,

Hope Life Skills alum, Hope High School 2010 graduate and presently the Community Relations Chairwoman at Millennial Rhode Island and Good Fund Loan Officer.  Today’s Hope

Life Skills host was Khadiatou Njie.

Khadiatou (left) welcomes Vannessa back to Hope High School prior to the start of today’s class.

Khadiatou introduces Vannessa to her classmates at the start of today’s class

Lucy Salado welcomes Vannessa to today’s class.

Lisbet Gomez also welcomes Vannessa back to the Hope High School Life Skills class.

Vannessa begins to share her story with the class, from her graduation from Hope High to her enlistment into the United States Army and onto college in Puerto Rico and the birth of her son to her present impressive leadership career in Rhode Island.

There were many lessons Vannessa shared

with the Life Skills class from her life’s journey from her birth and early childhood in New York city to her life in Providence.  Vannessa, most importantly, gave the students a message about unique talents and unique gifts which, in many cases, gives them an advantage over others from more privileged backgrounds and schools.

What you may think are disadvantages

we endure which diminish our chances for success,

I believe are advantages

which develop certain qualities and attitudes which ultimately give us advantages over those livning more privileged lives. 

Don’t doubt yourself. 

With hard work and great networks of diverse, ethical, smart, successful people,

you all have the potential to be very successful and, yes, even greatness”. 

At the conclusion of today’s class, Isabella Caraballo thanks Vannessa for coming and exchanges business cards as Jose Quintanilla and other students wait to do the same.

Selene Bun networks with Vannessa after class about an app she uses which helps her be more organized.







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