Today’s Homework: February 8, 2019

  1.  Have you heard the expression  – bucket list?   It usually refers to a list of things someone wants to do before the day they “kick the bucket“; “kicking the bucket” is a  euphemism for dying.  Webster’s Dictionary defines this expression as “a list of things a person wants to achieve or experience before reaching a certain age or dying”.   Some people list experiences like “skydiving“, “dining at the Capital Grille“, “learning how to dance the Tango“, or “going to a  Daddy Yankee concert” before kicking the bucket. Hopefully, you get the idea of what this expression means.  This week’s homework WILL NOT BE FOR YOU TO CREATE YOUR BUCKET LIST.   Instead, I’d like you to create a REVERSE BUCKET LIST.  In other words, I am asking you to create a list of experiences you’ve already experienced which have brought you the greatest joy and sense of accomplishment in your life to date.  It could be something you did which you are extremely proud of.  Could be a goal you set or a dream you had which you came to realize or accomplish.   Look at this list in a positive way.  The things on this REVERSE BUCKET LIST have made you very happy, even have made your more confident and increased your self esteem.   YOU CAN LIST AS MANY THINGS ON THIS LIST YOU WISH.  PLEASE PRIORITIZE THE LIST, in other words, what you list as #1 is the thing which has made you feel the best.   Thank you.  BTW – I got this idea from “Breathe Magazine“, page 9; the author was Carol Ann Strange.

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