Today’s Class: February 8, 2019

Today’s guest was Omar Reyes, Assistant Director of Admissions at Rhode Island College.

Accompanying Mr Reyes were two Rhode Island College students, Olimpia Aldana and Alexa Estrada.   Today’s Life Skills hosts charged with welcoming Mr Reyes, Olimpia and Alexa were Arthur Bonga, Aaron Chy, and Isabella Caraballo to Hope High School and the Life Skills class.

Admissions Director Omar Reyes (back right) with his team prior to today’s class as Arthur Bonga (lower left white jacket), Isabella Caraballo (directly across from Arthur) and Aaron Chy (standing to the left of Director Omar Reyes).

Arthur, Aaron and Isabella introduce Director Reyes, Alexa and Olimpia to the Life Skills students to start today’s class.

Life Skills students individually welcome our three guests from Rhode Island College.

Director Reyes begins to share his personal story from his life in the Dominican, to his emigration to the United States and the multiple jobs he worked to help his family and pay for his education.  Alex shared her story as well as well as her present major at the College and having a job on campus in the Admissions department.  And, Olimpia informed the Life Skills students that she too went to Hope High School and participated in the Hope Life Skills class as well as sharing the challenges of having 2 majors and the importance of effective time management.


One of the most important parts of today’s conversation was Director Reyes’ advice on the Admission’s essay each student will submit to the colleges of their choice.  “While SATs and high school grades are important, College Admissions’ counselors are significantly influenced by student essays.  What each students does outside the classroom, from extracurricular sports, arts, community service, and technical activities to the responsibilities students have in their homes caring for their siblings and after school jobs to help their families, are important and most definitely influence College decisions on admittance and financial aid.” 

At the end of today’s class, Life Skills students network with Director Reyes, Olimpia and Alexa, exchanging business and encouragement to reach out with any questions about the application process.


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