Today’s Class: October 25, 2019

2 guests visited our Life Skills class today,

Juanita Sanchez High School Junior, Weam Mousa,

and Entrepreneur, Founder of Career Devs University, and

Entrepreneur in Residence at the Nelson Center at Brown University, Arnell Milhouse.

Welcoming Arnell back to the Life Skills class and, for Weam, her first visit to Hope High School was

Katelyn Taverez and Dalanti Vanover.

Dalanti Vanover (far right) welcomes Arnell back to Hope High as Weam (far left) is welcomed to Hope High for the first time by Katelyn Taverez before the start of today’s class.

Katelyn introduces Weam to her classmates to start today’s class.

Dalanti introduces Arnell to his classmates following Katelyn‘s introduction of Weam.

Jarlene Carona welcomes Weam to the Life Skills class following Katelyn’s introduction.

Marques Jett-Correira welcomes Weam to Hope High Life Skills.

Lydia Watkins welcomes Arnell back to Hope High Life Skills.

Arnell’s message today reminded the students how talented they are. Their mission is to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the Life Skills class by developing the significant talents and intelligence they were born with, pushing out of their comfort zone to meet new people, ask questions they want answered, and continually adding successful, smart, and reputable people to their personal network for lifetime success.   The first opportunity this year will be on November 15th, at Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, for the Rocky Hill ‘HACKAHON’ARNELL MILHOUSE WILL BE THE KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT THE HACKATHON.  The bus leaves Hope High at 3pm for Rocky Hill on November 15.   Dinner will be served at the Hackathon.  Check this link to the Hackathon web site for more information about this AMAZING 2 day event FOR THE HOPE STUDENTS TO DEVELOP THEIR WONDERFUL TALENTS.

Ambar Tavaras networks with Arnell after today’s class.

Britney Gonel and Elaine Alvarez exchange business cards with Arnell during the networking time at the end of today’s Life Skills class.  You can see Weam networking with Hector in the background.


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