Today’s CVS Health Field Trip: April 7, 2016

The Hope Life Skills class took a

trip to the campus of CVS Health, one of the world’s largest companies with revenues of more than $150 BILLION,


Carlos Sanchez, Senior Director, Advertising Production at CVS Health, opens today’s event with a welcome to the Hope High Life Skills students and an introduction to the business and culture of CVS Health

in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  The

mission of today’s class was to introduce students to a variety of jobs at CVS Health,


Yolanda Baez, the Regional Director of Acquisitions at CVS Health, shares her personal story from growing up in Providence, Rhode Island and her high school education at one of Providence’s inner city schools to her initial CVS pharmacist job and onto her present job at the corporate headquarters identifying and purchasing new stores.


Pablo Marcillo, the Promotional Content Coordinator at CVS Health, shares the story of his path to success at the company, the importance of personal brand and the value of each person’s network.  Other members of the CVS Health team (to the right of Pablo) are poised to share their stories of success.

and the corporate

culture of this remarkable company.

cvss2photo cvss3photo

From the engineers and architects designing and building stores and the pharmacists prescribing medication to their customers to the graphic designers responsible for the CVS Health advertisements and the agents negotiating, purchasing and deciding on the aisle and shelf locations in each store for the cosmetics my wife buys in over 7,800 CVS Health stories throughout America, Puerto Rico and now Brazil,

students met with CVS Health employees to learn about their jobs in the company.


Kirk Samuelson, Manager of Advertising Technology, shows and explains the functions of some of the technology hardware supporting the Advertising Department to Maria Dasilva (left), Juan Corona (center) and Fernando Perez (right)


Elijah Akindole (bottom left) and Valentina Gomez-Rincon (center) meet with CVS Health Graphic Designer, Kelly Zelen, about her responsibilities designing CVS Health advertisements.


Carlos Sanchez shows Erin Fogarty a few of the mobile app functions on his mobile device all being designed by members of his department at CVS.

The day concluded with

lunch, questions and answers and a networking session

among Hope Life Skills students and CVS Health staff members.   Carlos also shared his perception of the Hope High School brand.  “This Hope High School campus visit has been taking place for the past several years.   My brand perception of Hope High School comes from you.  From my perspective,

the Hope High School student brand is impressive. 

Intelligence. Humility. Curiosity. Respect. Aspirations for success. Professionalism. Resilience.  Perseverance. These are the characteristics of the Hope High brand I see in all of you.”  Thank you, Carlos.   And, thank you, CVS Health.


Hope Life Skills students enjoy lunch before sharing the stories of their meetings with CVS Health staff members.


Fatima Lawal shares her experience meeting with CVS Health store pharmacists today.


Ruben Blanco (left) exchanges business cards with Manny Tavares, CVS Health Strategic Account Executive as Fernando Perez listens in.


Chanda Nuth exchanges business cards with Manny Tavares.


Valentina Gomez Rincon (left) networks with CVS Health Copywriter, Wendy Lewis.


Hope Life Skills student, Gisabel Salcedo, (lower right) networks with Wendy Lewis as other Hope High students network with other CVS Health staff members during today’s networking session.


Travis Barbour (center) exchanges business cards with Yolanda Baez as Juan Corona waits to do the same.


Ayobami Akindole shows the gift he was given by the CVS Health architect and construction team to Jose Orellana.


Manny Rivas speaks with Yolanda Baez during the networking session.


Final moments of today’s networking session following the luncheon at CVS Health.







One thought on “Today’s CVS Health Field Trip: April 7, 2016

  1. It was a true pleasure to meet and interact with such a fantastic group of young people, who are focused on their futures and their careers. The Life Skills Class at Hope HIgh School is an invaluable asset for inner city students. This program should be included in all Rhode Island public high school’s curricula. The drive and determination of the students made a lasting impression on me and I see a very bright future ahead of them.

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