Today’s homework: January 13, 2016

1.   Today’s guest, Richard Lewis, encouraged all of us to

set up our profile on LinkedIn,

a popular,  employment social networking web site (  LinkedIn is used mainly for professional networking; people looking for jobs and companies looking for credible candidates.

LinkedIn_Logo_2013.svgGo to the LinkedIn web site to set up your profile.   Check out Richard Lewis’ profile on LinkedIn.  You can also

check out the LinkedIn profiles of Hope Life Skills graduates Hafzat Akanni, Valentina Gomez, or Manuel Rivas.

Once you’ve finished setting up your profile, connect with me.  You can find my LinkedIn profile by  putting my name, Stephen Cronin, in the inquiry bar at the top of the site.

Once my profile appears, click on the connect button.

This will send a message to me asking if I want to connect with you which I will.   I look forward to connecting with you on linkedin.  Please do this as soon as possible..

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