Today’s Class: September 20, 2019

Today’s class focused three topics – 

#1.  transparency.  This year’s students welcomed 6 students from last year’s class to ask them what they liked about last school year’s Life Skills class and what they didn’t like about last year’s class.   #2.  Mr Cronin’s shared his vision of a Future  students will encounter in 2024, what the marketplace will look like, the impact technology and Artificial Intelligence will have on jobs and lifestyles, and how this class is created to help them prepare for the opportunities and challenges students will encounter in this technology influenced future.  #3.  Mr Cronin’s first impressions of this year’s class after the first class and first homework assignment.

Stephen Cronin focuses on 3 topics to start this week’s class


Lucy Salado (center) networks with a student from Rocky Hill High School during the FORUM lunch at last year’s FUTURE FORUM #3.  Lucy came to today’s Life Skills class to share her thoughts about her experience in last year’s Hope Life Skills class and answer student questions.  “The class made me push out of my comfort zone and, in the process, I became more confident.  I loved representing the Life Skills class at the National Youth Leadership Forum on CSI and Law in Washington, D.C.  I met hundreds of high school students from all over the world.  However, I didn’t like all the homework Mr Cronin assigned.   I understand why Mr Cronin did it but you have to be prepared to work hard.  I think the whole experience has prepared me for college and life.”

David Navarez addresses the audience of corporate futurists and students from Hope High, Rocky Hill, and LaSalle Academy about the new company his group of students and corporate guests created during last year’s FUTURE  FORUM #3.  “One of the most valuable lessons I learned during last year’s Life Skills class was the importance of time management. I quickly realized how much time I was wasting last year.  As a result, I am using my time this year more wisely.   I, like Lucy and Lisbet, did not initially like doing all the homework Mr Cronin was giving us.  You have to be prepared to work hard in this class. I learned some valuable lessons in this class which have helped me become a more productive and mature person.

Mr Cronin shared his early impressions of this year’s class and what they can expect going forward. “This class is intended to bring out your ‘best‘.  It’s obvious to me this school is filled with highly intelligent students. You are some of its best and brightest.  The future you’ll encounter in 5 years, after many of you graduate from college, will be significantly different from the marketplace and job market of today.  Technology is changing everything, from lifestyles to jobs!   My job is to get you ready for the opportunities and challenges you’ll face so you can be a very successful person.  You’ll be expected to work hard.  If you are unwilling to do this, you should look for another class.  So far, from the first homework assignment and two classes, I’m impressed.  There are some very intelligent, creative thinkers, and writers here.  We’ve already had 10 students drop this class because many didn’t want to do the homework and work hard.   Just the fact you’re still here, doing the homework and participating in class, says a lot about you.  Next week’s class will feature a true superstar, Arnell Millhouse.  I can’t wait for you to meet him and ask him your questionsSee you next week.




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